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Environmental Management Group, Inc.

Ron Spencer

Effective, Practical Environmental Consulting

Gain the research, concise testing, and clear results needed to make informed decisions. As a lawyer with more than 25-years experience in the environmental consulting field, Mr. Spencer brings a thorough, comprehensive approach to every aspect of reliable testing and customer-focused service. Paramount in every client interaction: trust, reliability and effectiveness.

Limit Environmental Liability

Generate the information, facts, and data so clients can make the most prudent financial choices and limit exposure to catastrophic, environmental site contamination. Provide professional, knowledgeable service, respect cost constraints, time limitations, and quality assurance.

Simplify Transitions

Everyday, Every site, Simplify the client’s decisions by providing the facts they need, when they need them. Knowing what environmental challenges exists at a site and implementing practical solutions to remediate them eliminates last-minute complications. Whether there is a real-estate transaction, construction project, or building renovation, EMG’s services simplify the transition.  Since 1989, EMG has been helping property owners, architects, developers, realtors, contractors, schools, and financial institutions across the tri-state area investigate, sample and remediate properties.

One-on-One Client Focus

EMG is a service-oriented, environmental consulting firm meeting the needs of each client with professional, knowledgeable service while respecting cost constraints and time limitations. Mr. Spencer focuses on one client at time providing undivided attention and response.

Scope of Services


Inspection, Testing, and Air Monitoring

EMG provides expertise in a full range of asbestos-related matters. Our certified technicians conduct asbestos material inspections and asbestos air monitoring in any type of building. We can supply next-day laboratory results for suspect asbestos material samples, and we can give timely analytical results for asbestos air Sampling. LEARN MORE

Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Reports, Transaction Screens, and Custom Investigations

EMG offers a variety of Environmental Site Assessments and follow-up testing services. The type or level of assessment is dependent upon Lender/Buyer requirements, budget constraints, and turnaround time. Follow-up testing, if necessary, is frequently referred to as a “Phase II Environmental Assessment.” Phase III” refers to remediation. Regardless of whether your site is residential, commercial or industrial, EMG has extensive experience navigating regulations, liability, and standard lending practices. LEARN MORE

Mold and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Inspection and Testing

Airtight buildings conserve energy but frequently cause air quality problems. To identify potential concerns, EMG conducts a thorough building inspection and interviews occupants (when available) regarding health symptoms. We can test bacteria, fungi, particulates, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and chemical solvents. EMG will formulate the battery of tests that is most effective and economical. We then strive to present sensible recommendations with realistic estimates. In addition, EMG can meet the needs of manufacturing and industrial facilities for environmental regulations, hazardous materials management, facility permitting, and waste stream analysis. LEARN MORE

Environmental Remediation Services

Sampling, Engineering, Cleanup, and Restoration.

Great consultation and environmental solutions are only as good as their implementation. EMG Remediation Services, LLC provides the professional, real-world skills to resolve environmental challenges.  Kurt Spiess heads the remediation division with a hands-on, no-nonsense approach that simplifies, streamlines, and gets the job done right. LEARN MORE

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