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Identify and Monitor Exposure

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If I have Asbestos, do I have to have it removed?

Not always. If it is in good condition and it is not going to be disturbed, it can remain in place. Lenders or Buyers, however, may insist upon certified removal of the Asbestos. It must be abated before renovations or demolition.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was widely used in home, industrial and manufacturing sites and in many common products including insulation, sound absorption materials, ceiling tile, floor tile or sheeting, and exterior weather proofing products.

What does Asbestos look like?

Asbestos can take many forms and is found in many different materials. It can be found on or in any building material manufactured before December of 1981. Asbestos is common found in insulation, exterior siding, around boilers, in sound proofing systems, in floor tiles, ceiling tiles, and even in floor adhesives.

Why is Asbestos a concern?

When inhaled, asbestos can cause lung disease and lung cancer.

What do I do if I suspect I have Asbestos?

Any insulation material manufactured before December 1981 should be suspect but other building products such as floor tile, ceiling tile, and sound proofing systems also contain asbestos. The most important precaution: Do not disturb, move, or demolish ANY material you may suspect contains asbestos. Because it is so hard to visually determine if a material is asbestos containing, it is best to have the material tested.

Can I remove it myself?

In certain circumstances, homeowners can remove very limited quantities of certain forms of asbestos materials. However, there are MANY regulations and restrictions. Call us before attempting this on your own. We strongly recommend using a licensed, asbestos abatement contractor.

Can I encapsulate Asbestos?

Yes, encapsulation is an option in some circumstances. However, often it is not practical to do so. Encapsulation is labor intensive and costs about as much as removal. Additionally with encapsulation the “problem” of the asbestos remains. When asbestos becomes an issue in a real estate transaction, EMG almost always recommends its removal by a licensed contractor.

What professional credentials do I look for to have Asbestos tested or removed?

For lab analysis look for companies that only use American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) andNational Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) certified-laboratory results. Professional asbestos abatement must be performed by a licensed contractor. In the Philadelphia area, look for licensing by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (PaDLI) and the City of Philadelphia.

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