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Our History

An Asbestos Consulting Firm

In the early 1900s, asbestos-containing materials were commonly used in building supplies, bonders, sealers, and a variety of insulations. By 1980, the mineral was banned due to its health risks, and remediation efforts began. In 1989, Environmental Management Group, Inc. (EMG) joined that effort as an asbestos consulting firm. Our services at the time were restricted to asbestos surveys and reports, air-monitoring and testing, and asbestos-abatement oversight. By the mid-90s, EMG had expanded consulting and testing services for soil sampling, mold, and site contamination. It did not take long to learn great consultation and environmental solutions are only as good as their implementation. By 1991, EMG expanded the business again to include remediation services.

One Call. Two Experts.

Consulting and Remediation Services

Another transition for EMG came in 2008. Company principals, Ron Spencer and Kurt Spiess, diversified and specialized consulting and remediation services under separate operations. The affiliated firms provide overlap and support while differentiating enough to hone specialized expertise and equipment to offer the best possible service to our clients. Environmental Management Group, Inc. concentrates primarily on consulting and testing. EMG Remediation Services, LLC. focuses on engineering, sampling, contracting, and cleanup. We maintain the same simply philosophy we established more than 25-years ago: We treat our clients like we want to be treated.

Company Philosophy

Demonstrate Respect. Uphold Integrity.

As a start up in 1989, EMG initiated a simple philosophy: We treat our clients like we want to be treated: fairly, professionally, and responsibly. Through this approach, we have earned a reputation as expert environmental consultants who simplify industry jargon, provide reliable results, and produce sound interpretations. We take our promises seriously: find solutions, make deadlines, meet budgets, and follow-through. Our growing client list and expanded service offerings continue this tradition of integrity and clear client communication.

Our Objectives

Clarify Uncertainties. Reduce Exposure.

EMG meets or exceeds all current federal, state and local ordinances, reporting mandates, and testing protocols. We use the latest industry-standard techniques and equipment for all sample collection and analysis of environmental contaminants. We exercise rigorous sampling principles and initiate chain-of-custody forms that track collection through laboratory analysis to reporting. We maintain training and education protocols to stay abreast of changes in state and federal regulations as well as cutting-edge testing practices.

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